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Exact Change

When I was a kid, my favorite activity was checking the spinner rack at the local gas station for the latest comic books. I remember my first comic book, Avengers #210 "You Don't Need the Weathermen to Know Which Way the Wind Blows!"

The year was 1981. That comic was just $.50. I had the exact change in my pocket. The comic book had the entire cast including mainstays like Captain America, Wasp, Thor and Iron Man but it was my first time meeting characters like The Beast, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Jocasta and Wonder Man. They were Earth's Mightiest Heroes. My nine-year-old mind was blown with this one-in-done story.

As a writer, I would be honored if I was able to create that kind of experience to a reader. I know that not everyone has “exact change” in their pocket. I don’t want cost to be a barrier for the experience to explore the tunnels with Lilliput.

So we have them available for FREE digitally on our website and our big news: MeSseD Comics are now FREE on WEBTOON! WEBTOON has 10 million people reading on the platform daily and 35 million people monthly. As of July 1, 2019, WEBTOON has grown to more than 100 billion views annually.

We ask you to like, subscribe and comment on WEBTOONS! That would help build our exposure to their readers. We really appreciate it and with your help, maybe we can provide that mind blowing experience to a new fan.

Later, no Gator,


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