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Annual MeSseD Sum Up!



Annual MeSseD Sum Up!

It’s been quite a year!

Thanks to all the wonderful fans we’ve met on the road. Below we have a few favorite pics from tunnel tour selfies, fun cosplayers, awesome fans to interesting creators we met on our journey this year.

Before that, I thought we would share a few fun numbers from a great 2018:

  • 4,629.3 Miles traveled

  • l,500 MeSseD Stickers

  • 1,106 Sign ups on our email list

  • 1,000+ Attendees experienced the MeSseD Tunnel Tour

  • 729 People follow our Facebook page

  • 722 Facebook likes

  • 600 MeSseD Tunnel Tour special edition comic books published

  • 572 Followers on Instagram

  • 127 Posts on Instagram

  • 60 Safety helmets for the MeSseD Tunnel Tour

  • 50 Safety vests for the MeSseD Tunnel Tour

  • 36 MeSseD Tunnel Tour hours open

  • 31 Breakfast sandwiches

  • 21 Orange safety cones for MeSseD Tunnel Tour

  • 17 New pages of MeSseD for upcoming Season 1 Trade paperback

  • 15 Sewer worms created by Abbydid

  • 14 Comic con tables

  • 13 Sessions of D&D at Chase Public

  • 6 Craft show appearances

  • 5 Podcast interviews

  • 4 Artists contributing artwork for Inktober

  • 3 Comic Book Store signings

  • 2 MeSseD table banners

  • 1 MeSseD Tunnel Tour exhibit

Have a Happy New Year!

Later, no gator,



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