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The Families Behind MeSseD



Family means so much to us. Our families have supported our goal of creating a comic book that takes place in the sewers, making it possible to share that story with you.

As you might recall, the first MeSseD chapter, Choke, has the following dedications:

Dedication from Jay

Jan, Meggie and Fi -- my family, my life and my inspiration. This is for you!

Dedication from Dylan

To my wife, Monisha, and my daughter, Clara.

Our families have stood by us through all the crazy hours illustrating and writing, as well as all the comic cons and craft fairs. They have helped us with bagging comics, cutting coupons, testing experimental selfie opportunities, setting up tables and booths, catering release parties, editing scripts, ushering at the MeSseD Tunnel Tour, drawing fan art, liking our social media and so much more!

We thought you’d appreciate these photos of our families and our extended families on that MeSseD wild ride for the last three years.

Later, no gator,



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