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MeSseD Tunnel Tour: Sneak Peak



Can we really say that the general public understands the essential service provided through our public sewers?

You definitely know more than the average Joe if you read

MeSseD! I think we’re a very flush-and-forget-it society, noticing sewer and water works primarily when there’s a problem. However, do we understand even the basics of this public service? Made possible by a grant from People’s Liberty, there’s a cool new exhibit coming from our creative team that will provide an even more personal sewer “experience:” The MeSseD Tunnel Tour.

I’m so excited to finally begin tours in a subterranean basement at Union Hall (read on for the details). Without giving too much away, I thought you might get a taste of what’s to come if you check out these excerpts from my grant application to People’s Liberty…

What is your project?

“This project seeks to create a visceral, educational experience at the intersection of science and science fiction. Rather than read a comic book as a solitary experience, this installation will create a social “moment” in which people will experience the comic together in a real tunnel. I want them to feel the darkness and dankness as they go. The visit will be capped by learning about the actual science of the sewers.”

How will the community positively change because of this project?

“The MeSseD installation will leave community members with a better understanding of how we treat, process, and provide life-sustaining water to large populations. It will foster new appreciation for the people that provide this essential service and prompt dialogue about our own role in how water is used. As gross as it sounds, a system we use every day is processed efficiently and without pomp. Even though the structures are antiquated and used much longer than their intended use, these utilities serve the public without applause or recognition.

The installation will be designed for all ages, so families will feel welcome.

The installation also seeks to galvanize Cincinnati’s growing comic book scene. Every year, several Cincinnati-based comic book makers showcase their work at major comic conventions in cities like San Diego, New York City, Chicago and Boston. They have huge followings across the country, yet they are relatively unknown in Cincinnati (beyond the sphere of hard-core comic readers like myself). This artistic work is an important element of the creative landscape in Cincinnati, and this project will build more awareness of that work.”

Enticed? It promises to be equis.

Later, no gator!


MeSseD Tunnel Tour Details

Where: Union Hall, 1314 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. No entry from the Union Hall Vine Street entrance

When: May 11 - June 16

Tickets: Timed entry tickets will be $6 each, youth 17 and under are $4 each. For reservations with youth tickets please make reservations at 513-300-5669(KNOW).

During the special 2018 Cincinnati Fringe Festival tours, timed entry tickets will be $12 and you can use your Full Frontal and flex passes.

Waiver must be signed before you can embark on the MeSseD Tunnel Tour.

For tickets or further information please go to:


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