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Where'd the name Lilliput come from?


Fat Mucket? Sandshell? Kidneyshell? What's up with those names?

This past winter, Dylan and I were the guests of The Mercantile Library's Graphic Novel Discussion Group-- a beautiful historic library with an amazing collection.

MeSseD Seasons 1 and 2 were discussed with their regular group of participants. We had a fun time talking about MeSseD art, story and themes as it relates to comic book and popular culture.

One of the questions asked was, "Where do the names come from? Does Lilliput's name stem from Gulliver's Travels and the Lilliputian people?"

Here's my response:

When I worked at the Cincinnati Museum Center, I had the privilege of touring their Edge of Appalachia Preserve. The Edge is a beautiful 16,000-acre nature preserve in Adams County, Ohio. At the Eulett Center, they have numerous displays showing the bio diversity of the area including "Mussels of Ohio Brush Creek."

The display had some amazing names and of course, inspiration struck! Unique code names for the filter workers for MeSseD; they'll be nicknamed after fresh water mussels ... filter feeders!

There you have it, that's where the names come from! As a writer, I believe in everything you experience-- that anything you read, hear and feel can be used in your stories. Of course, it might be boring in the moment, but take note. It might feed inspiration later.

I hope you can take in something different on a regular basis.

Later, no gator!



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