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Worms Vs. Centipedes

Greetings Flushers,

You might have been wondering: where was Akka during the Filament arc of Mother, Hunt, and Flowers? Akka was on a mission calling for back up for Lilliput! Yesterday, we talked about Messenger Pt 1.

Today, check out Messenger Pt. 2:

Akka and Footsie find themselves smack dab in the centipede nest. Will Akka have to fight her way out? Here we learn more about the culture of the centipedes

Guest artist Clint Basinger crashes the tubifex worms and centipede clan into a pretty graphic battle. In Season 1, Chapter 2 "Garden Graveyard," Clint did the two page back up "Fauna," reprinted for your entertainment in "Messenger pt.1" He did such an amazing design on the centipede, I was motivated to bring them back starting with an injured centipede-in-need, Footsie.

In Mother, Lilliput has located the filaments and needs back up. Lilliput sends Akka to deliver her SOS to MSD. In the deep levels of the sewers, communication is non-existent. No walkie talkies, cell phones or emails for our brave sewer workers. Filter Workers have on-board computers to log communications. When they get to data hubs, lines back to MSD, they broadcast messages. Akka uses a mini flash drive around her neck to transfer Lilliput's messages to data hubs.

In Messenger Pt. 1, we get to expand the MeSseD universe and tell a different kind of story. We have guest artist Clint Bassinger illustrating Akka’s adventure getting caught between poisonous centipedes and massive tubifex worms.

In Messenger Pt 2, we see the return of the Tubifex worms from Season 1, Chapter 1 "Choke." To Lilliput, the worms were a handful. To Akka, they are towering giants.

Enjoy this exciting close to Season 2 of MeSseD!

Later, no gator!


MeSseD Comics presents

Messenger Pt. 1

Volume 2, Chapter 6


Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan

Illustrator and Cover artist: Dylan Speeg

Lilliput has acquired a sample of the Mother, and now she needs to escape! Partner-in-slime Akka the Rat is on the case, ready to deliver Lilliput’s SOS to the surface.

Dregging Deal is back! Order the entire second season, chapters 1-7, for just $49! Each limited edition, first print chapter - Echoes, Fatberg Variations, Mother, Hunt, Flowers and Messengers chapters A & B - sent right to your home.

As a dreggin’ bonus, we’ll email digital copies of Chapters 1-7 to you as well. That way you won’t wish you hadn't given the printed editions away as a gift! (A total value of $77.)


messenger inks page 13 c 6 sm

messenger inks page 12 b 7 smll

messenger inks page 12 b 7 smll (1)

messenger inks page 11 c 7 smll

messenger inks page 13 c 6 sml

messenger inks page 11 c 7 sm

messenger inks page 8 g

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