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Filament Trilogy Feature!

A shelter-at-home treat for those readers out there that enjoy #newcomicbookwednesday  
Written by Jay B. Kalagayan and Illustrations and cover artwork by Dylan Speeg, this three-part story delves deep into the culture of the filaments and what they’ll do to intruders like Lilliput. 

Volume 2, Chapter 3
Lilliput’s on a mission: get past the filaments and their leader, Quasi, to capture a sample of the source of all filament life – The Mother.

Featured Art:
Stalk by William Grapes
Radiation by Caleb Schowalter


Volume 2, Chapter 4
Lilliput attempts a daring escape as aggressive filaments pursue her through the tunnels. She’s racing as fast as she can, but they’re closing in…
Volume 2, Chapter 5
Meet Kidneyshell: the doc who patches up the flushers to get them back in the Roots. But even the surface doesn’t stay serene for long!

Featured Art:
Pipes by Christina Wald

Check out chapters 1 and 2 of Season 2 digitally for FREE.


Season 2 concludes with Messenger part 1 & 2

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