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Rat Redux

Looking for fresh comics for #newcomicbookwednesday?  
Enjoy Akka’s mission to close out Season 2 of MeSseD!

“In my mind, Akka is my Wolverine.  She's wild, fiercely loyal, ready to scrap and burly.  Messenger pt 1 and 2 shows us that Akka is not a pet and more of a partner,” says creator Jay B. Kalagayan.

Messenger: Part A & B
Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan
Guest Illustrator and Cover artist: Clint Basinger


Messenger: Part A
Lilliput has acquired a sample of the Mother, and now she needs to escape! Partner-in-slime Akka the Rat is on the case, ready to deliver Lilliput’s SOS to the surface.

Messenger: Part B
Akka the Rat found help on her mission from an unlikely source - a young centipede named Footsie. Now Footsie and Akka race and fight together to deliver Lilliput’s call for help!


Learn more about the making of Messenger

Check out the rest of Season 2 digitally for FREE starting with Chapter 1 Echoes

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