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MeSseD road trips to Motor City Comic Con!

I had a blast at Motor City Comic Con!

This was my first show on the road solo since the pandemic and I was a little anxious.  Three days can be exhausting when you're on your own. But I had great neighbors like Misty Bondy and Cory Grzywa.

And it was exquis to talk with all the new readers about the stories that excite me. Special thanks to the fellow flushers that sought us out for Season 3. It's nice when you make a good impression with your stories.

I got masked up and got to bask in interesting experiences and unique stories! There were so many creators, celebrities, crafters and vendors coming nationally and internationally to Novi, Michigan.

Check out our favorite pics and at the bottom a slideshow of fans and friends being assaulted by sewer worms or surrounded by filaments or showing off cosplay!

This is my second time at Motor City Comic Con and I'll be coming back in 2022 for sure! (If we get in! ; - )

First up, cosplay highlight of the con is The Bonnie Scott and her exquis Beetlejuice cosplay complete with sandworm. Our sewer worm got to play with the sandworm, check out the photos!

Being solo, I had to bring my hard hat ...

The new filament filter made its MCCC debut.

Met some fans of David Mack who were really excited about the limited edition variant cover and prints.

HERE"S THE REST OF THE PHOTOS FROM MCCC 2021 starting with Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead playing with the sewer worms!


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