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Character Mode: Lilliput’s Anthem

Each time I am on a Comic Con floor, I am leaping in and out of alternate dimensions, multiverses and suspending disbelief. All the while, in this live RPG- esque stage under bright fluorescent lights, I am also finding my own place among the subcultures of comics, anime, and fandom.

Before I get into character, I find myself asking:

“What would Lilliput listen to before she starts her shift?”

The song must be anthemic, a battle cry all the misfits of the underworld could belt the tunes to.

After the Storm by Kali Uchis would be just the tune to get Lilliput’s day started. Nothing is so inspiring as the reminder “If you need a hero, just look in the mirror.” I bet sometimes LIlliput needs to remind herself, too, why she cares so much for the communities that call the sewers home.

Being reminded I am my own hero sure helps me get into character as I walk the convention floor before taking on the role of Lilliput.

I just plug in my earbuds and let Kali Uchis’ dreamy vocals take me to an entirely different headspace.

Later no gator,

V. Chau

Press play.

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