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Crafty Supermarket gets MeSseD



Stunner ... Crafty Supermarket is an indie craft show of metropolitan proportions in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. This is an amazing juried show with makers from across the country.

Starting in 2009, the show has grown from ​Northside Tavern to the Music Hall ballroom!

We're done the show twice so far. It has a fantastic group of attendees that have a variety of interests. We're one of the few comics books there but we definitely catch

their eye when they're walking the aisles. ​​

A comic book set in the sewer will do that ...

As a bonus, we get to table next to abbydid, creator of the equis giant worms from the MeSseD Tunnel Tour and the cute wormletts, a popular hit at craft shows and comic cons! Enjoy these pics from our past show!

Check out their site, I think the first bunch in the door get a cloth bag of goodies!

Enjoy the pics from the events below!


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