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What are "dreg sprouts"? Find out in Echoes

What!?! There's a new chapter of MeSseD!?!

MeSseD Comics are back! This indie comic from Cincinnati, Ohio invites you on a ride-along: filter worker Lilliput battles mundane and fantastic challenges in the labyrinth of pipes laid right beneath our feet.

MeSseD: Season 2 expands on the introductions of Season 1.

We learn how Lilliput is able to "see" in the dark, dank depths in Chapter 1: Echoes. Plus we bring back Nymph, the Muck Golem and introduce Pilty!

Also, what are "dreg sprouts"?



MeSseD Comics presents


Volume 2, Chapter 1


Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan

Illustrator and Cover artist: Dylan Speeg

Lights out! Thanks to some fancy MSD tech, Lilliput tries to trip up a foe by attacking in the cover of darkness.

Dregging Deal is back! Order the entire second season, chapters 1-7, for just $49! Each limited edition, first print chapter - Echoes, Fatberg Variations, Mother, Hunt, Flowers and Messengers chapters A & B - sent right to your home.

As a dreggin’ bonus, we’ll email digital copies of Chapters 1-7 to you as well. That way you won’t wish you hadn't given the printed editions away as a gift! (A total value of $77.)


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