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"Garden Graveyard" Sneak peek


Who wants a sneak peek?

Check out some of the artwork from MeSseD Chapter Two: Garden Graveyard!

MeSseD Comics presents

Garden Graveyard

Volume 1, Chapter 2

Digital Release date: November 15, 2016

Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan

Illustrator and Cover artist: Dylan Speeg Where do you go for lunch when one of your best friends is a giant, sentient cockroach? Journey with Lilliput and Nymph through the tunnels to find this secret spot.

Bonus Story: Fauna

Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan

Illustrator: Clint Bassinger

Click here to order your digital copy of Chapter Two: Garden Graveyard, sent to your email on November 15!

Pre-order the entire season, chapters 1-5, for just $15. Each chapter - Choke, Garden Graveyard, Scrape, Beautiful Dreamer and Lucky - sent right to your email as soon as they are released. Be a sewer subscriber now!

Click here to pre-order the whole volume for only $15!


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