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Volume 2, Chapter 2

Release date: November 8, 2017 COMING SOON!

Limited edition print version of the comic will be sent to you!

Lights out! Thanks to some fancy MSD tech, Lilliput tries to trip up a foe by attacking in the cover of darkness.


Featuring behind-the-scenes photos and artwork from Season 1, Chapter 5: Lucky, and a sneak peek of Season 2's Messenger!


Only $7 includes shipping and handling for the printed edition of MeSseD: Vol 1 Chapter 1, Echoes.


As a dreggin’ bonus, we’ll email a digital copy of Chapter 1 to you as well. That way you can appreciate both versions.  Maybe give away one version as a gift!


(A total value of $11)

MeSseD | Vol 2 Chapter 1 | Echoes

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