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Check out this digital exclusive premiere of Season 3 of MeSseD!


All sale proceeds go to artists and to making more MeSseD stories!


The universe of MeSseD expands in Season 3 as the creatures of the Roots come above ground to tangle with the filter workers on their home turf. While Liliput recuperates from injuries sustained while snatching the filament “mother” for study, Quasi leads the filaments in an attempt to infiltrate the MSD Main Treatment Plant, and the filter workers rise to meet them.


This season boasts a secret midnight heist, a thrilling confrontation, and a new look at the creatures from the Roots.


Creator/Writer Jay B. Kalagayan

Artist and Cover Art Dylan Speeg

Graphic Design Geoff Raker 


Back Cover

Lilliput by David Mack


Featured Pin Ups

Sandshell by Michelle Littlejohn

Akka and Footsie by Brandon Wagner

Fungus Forest and Lilliput by Jme Foronda 

MeSseD Comics Vol 3: Boots On Digital

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Shipping and Handling is included with the price. 

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