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October 31, 2016

No way!?! Dylan Speeg's behind the scenes illustrating of MeSseD? Check out his process on

MeSseD Chapter Two: Garden Graveyard, featuring the modeling talent of Xu V. Chau!

When asked about what he loves about illustrating comics, Dylan says, "Creating a world out of s...

October 28, 2016

Who's top of the food chain? Part four finale of ʺThree C's.ʺ A web exclusive MeSseD comic.

MeSseD Chapter One: Choke goes on sale November 1!

October 26, 2016

Can Lilliput and Akka survive the Psychoda? Enjoy part three of this web premiere feature. #ratpet #makecomics

October 23, 2016

Gross horrors or mundane workday? Lilliput and Akka get an unexpected surprise. Part two of ʺThree C's.ʺ

October 20, 2016

Who are the Psychoda?

Enjoy this web premiere, part one of "Three C's" by Kalagayan and Speeg.

This was inspired by a quote found in one of my research books, Sewage Works Guide by Leroy W. Van Kleeck.  One sentence inspired this four part story.  Enjoy this web exclusiv...

October 17, 2016

Hello Fellow Flushers,

Join us for the official MeSseD Comics release party this November at Know Theatre's Underground! Details below.

We're concocting the special MeSseD cocktail as we speak ...

Hope to see you there!  All ages are welcome!

Click here to RSVP to our...

October 15, 2016

Gina Marrone is quite a talent. I met her through the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She was graduating and had a great portfolio of work. I thought her more cartoony, clean art style would be unique for a pinup for MeSseD. Seeing her illustration of Lilliput, I had to get...

October 13, 2016

Who wants a sneak peek?

Check out some of the artwork from MeSseD Chapter One: Choke!

MeSseD Comics presents


Volume 1, Chapter 1

Release date: November 1, 2016

Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan

Illustrator and Cover artist: Dylan Speeg

What does it take to Keep the Flow? Meet you...

October 10, 2016

What's your favorite pet like?

For Lilliput, her pet - her faithful companion, her sidekick - is Akka. Akka is Rattus norvegicus, a brown rat. Typically, the brown rat lives wherever humans do, which makes them pretty common in city sewers. R. norvegicus characteristics...

October 8, 2016

Who are the brave people that keep our vast sewer system working? Meet Lilliput! She is our tour guide to the wild world of MeSseD.

As with all Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) filter workers, she’s alone patrolling her range. Behind her nonchalant, professional demean...

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